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early learning world book

Early Learning

A wealth of resources to help preschoolers and children in the early grades grasp critical early childhood skills. (Optimized for tablets)

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digital image of human brain and internal computing

EBSCOhost Databases

A variety of resources hosted by EBSCO. Search many databases at once by selecting from a list.

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ERIC database logo


Education Resource Information Center, provides access to education literature and resources. 

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"Explora Primary" text over photo of a poison dart frog

Explora Primary School

Look up articles and facts from magazines and books, also browse categories with this resource. Designed for elementary aged children.

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Explora Public Libraries screenshot

Explora Public Libraries

Research magazine and journal articles from reliable sources. Book chapters, biographies, primary source documents, images, videos and more are available for students.
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EXPLORA Secondary Facts for grades 6-12

Explora Secondary Schools

Articles and books for high school age students. Features include categories to browse, topic overview, citation tools, and Text-to-Speech.

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